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National Flag of Zimbabwe

The flag of Zimbabwe was accepted on 22 March 1980 and was first raised at the midnight on 17/18 April to mark independence. It has a gold Zimbabwe bird superimposed on a five pointed red star which is situated on a white triangle at the hoist of the flag

. The remainder of the flag consists of seven horizontal stripes which are all equal in width and from top to bottom they are green, gold(yellow), red, black, red, gold(yellow), and green. The stripes are separated from the white triangle by a thin black line.

Meanings of the colours on the flag are as follows:

  • Green represents vegetation and agriculture.
  • Yellow/Gold represents the country's mineral wealth.
  • Red represents the blood shed during the war of the liberation
  • Black represents the black majority
  • White triangle represents peace.
  • Zimbabwe Bird represents the National Emblem.
  • Red Star represents the nation's aspirations.