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Mashonaland East

Situated north-eastern part of Zimbabwe

  • Area 32 230 km2
    9 Districts:- Chikomba, Goromonzi, Marondera, Mudzi, Mudzi, Murehwa, Mutoko, Seke, Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe and Wedza.
  • Population: 1.35 million.
  • Literacy rate: 85%.
  • Comparative/competitive advantages: mining, agriculture, horticulture and animals


Visiting Mashonaland East

  • Main attraction is Imire Game Park- Wedza with four of the big five.
  • Mbizi and Bushman Rock wildlife and safaris in Goromonzi.
  • Nyatana National Park in Mudzi and UMP.
  • Domborembudzi mountain in Murewa and Mutoko.
  • Tsindi ruins in Marondera
  • Manize and Makurumure waterfalls, Chikomba and Wedza respectively.
  • Famous Jerusalem (Mbende) dance, Murehwa and Mafuwe dance (Mudzi and UMP)
  • Scenic views suitable for filming industry- Goromonzi, UMP, Murewa.



  • Strong and richly endowed in Agricultural; Horticultural; Animal and Mining produce.
  • Mining
  • - has the largest lithium deposits in Africa and 6th in the world(Goromonzi District).
  • -50 years lithium deposits- ranked 6th in the world.
  • -largest black granite diamond deposits in the country in Mutoko and UMP and is of the best quality in Zimbabwe.
  • - huge potential to trade in granite products.
  • Agriculture
  • - High production of wheat, tobacco, maize, soya beans, fruits, vegetables, groundnuts, honey, sunflower, livestock and horticulture.
  • -Dairy products- milk and it’s by-products.
  • -Attractive for inter-provincial and international trade in-terms of mining plant and machinery, coal for crop processing, irrigation equipment and machinery, as well as wine processing machinery.

Investment Opportunities

  • Granite extraction, cutting and polishing.
  • Lithium mining
  • Vegetable and fruit processing plants.
  • Value addition in the agro-value chains-beans, cereals, milk, horticulture.
  • Expansion and resuscitation of existing and idle irrigation schemes.
  • Rehabilitation of Mukuyu Wineries.
  • Conferencing facilities in all the 9 districts.
  • Rehabilitation of Cold Storage Company in Marondera.
  • Development of tourist attractions- Manize, Nyatana etc.

Comparative Advantages

  • Combination of favorable climate and rich soils, greater part lies in natural region 2A and 2B where intensive farming takes place.
  • Rainfall ranges from 750- 1000mm and temperatures averaging 25-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Abundant water bodies to support agro-activities in-terms of irrigation of crops, livestock and pastureland.
  • Served by three trunk roads;- Harare-Nyamapanda (road), Harare-Mutare (road and rail), and Harare-Beitbridge (road).
  • Optic fibre cable from Beira runs through Murewa, Marondera and Goromonzi. Also served by almost all telecommunications companies in Zimbabwe
  • Closeness to R. G. Mugabe International Airport- easy export of fresh produce.
  • Huge market for products in nearby Harare and Chitungwiza.
  • Lithium deposits largest in Africa and 6th in the world.
  • High concentration of educational institutions some ranked the best in the country (St Ignatius, Goromonzi, Peterhouse, Monte Cassino, Women’ University,
  • Marondera University, Nyadire Trs’ College e.t.c.)
  • Stock feed companies, milk processing and day-old chick production companies are in the province (Kefalos, Irvines, National Foods, Manyame Milling, Agrifoods, Super Chicks e.t.c.)
  • Existence of agro-research institutions (Grasslands, Horticultural Research and Productivity Research Laboratory)


Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Mashonaland East Province
0279 20299
Director, Provincial Affairs
0712 884 646/0772 946 425/ 0279 26257
Provincial Administrator
0773 630 088/0279 24358/20749


HON APOLLONIA MUNZVERENGWI - Minister of State for Provincial Affairs 

Provincial Administrator

Mr. Muchemwa Mugwisi - Provincial Affairs Director