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Israeli investors eye multi-million investment opportunities in Vic Falls

TWO sets of investors from Israel descended on the resort City of Victoria Falls this week to present a comprehensive plan for development of water infrastructure, public housing and establishment of entertainment complexes that include a hotel, casino, restaurants and a medical centre. 

The group of investors led by the Zimbabwe’s Honourary Consul to Isreal, Ambassador Ronny Levi Musan seek to construct spacious apartments and offer foreigners a chance to purchase or rent apartments in the resort city among many other million dollar ventures.

“I arrived with two different sets of investors in the City of Victoria Falls to promote two sets of projects that will change the face of the city. The first project is the housing project that will offer innovative and comfortable housing for the residents and the other project is the development of the city water infrastructure that will provide clean water for both residents and hotels,” said Ambassador Musan,

The expected investment came at the right time for the country’s tourism capital which had just completed a feasibility study on the requirements for improved water infrastructure which required around US$14million.

“We started in 2014, when we conducted a feasibility study to rehabilitate all our water systems from abstraction to distribution. The  study showed that we need to raise between US$14 to 15 million for the complete project and that will entail that we are covered in terms of water for the next 15 years,” said a representative from Victoria Falls City Council.

Since the advent of the Second Rpublic, foreign direct investment has flocked to Zimbabwe due to investor friendly policies crafted by government.