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Diplomats to exploit new strategies to lure investment

ZIMBABWE’s top envoys in various capitals across the globe have pledged to harness the government’s mantra of “friend to all and enemy to none” to exploit investment opportunities for the country’s economy.

Under the Second Republic, Zimbabwe has been opening arms and exploring various areas of engagement with different nations which has seen the country opening embassies regionally and globally to boost political and economic relations.

While speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing Diplomats Retreat in Bulawayo this Wednesday, Zimbabwe’s representative in Senegal, His Excellency Ambassador James Maridadi noted the progress being made to transform political ties into economic benefits.

“The thrust of the new dispensation is friends to all enemy to none. The next thing is to escalate the ties which have been good but are improving politically,” he said,

Her Excellency Ambassador Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga, the country’s top envoy in Sweden believes Zimbabwe stands to benefit from the interests in technology on green energy projects, with ties already cemented.

“There is serious interest in Zimbabwe, Scandinavians are much interested with young people, in green transition we have managed to send delegations to Sweden on the ten gorges project so the country stands to benefit,” she said.

The country has been making significant strides to transform bilateral ties with other nations into economic benefits which have seen the country getting mechanisation equipment and public transport buses from Belarus.