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Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare


  • To ensure the provision of quality human resource services to line ministries with a view to enhancing service delivery
  • To promote fair labour practices and enhance labour productivity, self-reliance and social protection for the vulnerable groups of society. 


  • Administer the Public Service Act and ensure that all functions of the Public Service Commission are implemented. (Please note that the Public Service Commission is a semi-autonomous entity)
  • Administer the various Pensions Acts save for those administered by other Ministries and Departments
  • Administer the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management (ZIPAM) on Human Resource Training and Development and National Training Institutes
  • Administer the National Joint Negotiating Council (JNC) in accordance with the relevant statutes on conditions of service for the whole of the Public Service
  • Ensure representation of the Public Service on the Premier Medical Aid Society Board and that financial resources for Employer-Employee contributions to the Premier Medical Aid Society are available
  • Develop and administer labour legislation and regulations
  • Develop Social Services Policy
  • Register and regulate social services and Private Voluntary Organisations (POVs)
  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of the National Social Protection Strategy
  • Provide interface with the International Labour Organization and ensure that the maintenance of labour standards
  • Capacity Building to ensure efficiency in the delivery of public services
  • Enhance self-reliance through the provision of social security and social protection services to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society
  • Promote a conducive labour market environment, fair labour standards, labour productivity and efficient employment placement services.


Minister, Hon. Paul Mavima


Mr. S. Masanga, Permanent Secretary